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I love interior decorating and home transformations. I’ve done so much in my home on a very low budget. It’s not that difficult to do. With a coat of paint, some new funky furniture and Nick-Nacks in the right spots, you can transform your home into something beautiful. Check out these 10 incredible home transformations.

Transform your Home into a Masterpiece with these Luxury Living Ideas

It never ceases to amaze me what people can do to transform their homes into such beautiful spaces. So many of us have to stick to a budget when renovating our homes, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create something beautiful with the little money you have. If you do most of it yourself, you will save a lot of money which can then be used on the actual renovation itself to create your special place that you probably plan to spend years in. You may even want to bring your kids up where you are right now, so make it count. Get your hands dirty and see what you can come up with. These 10 interior decorating renovation transformations should help to get you inspired.

Female Hands Framing Custom Kitchen Design Drawing and Photo Combination.Photo Credit: Bolt Building


I found this gorgeous kitchen on the Decor Aid site, where a very old and worn out kitchen was completely gutted and a new one was installed. This before shot shows an old, rustic kitchen that although was fully functional, its tired appearance didn’t do much for the space.

BEFORE – An unappealing old and worn out kitchen

cassandra-kitchen-3-beforePhoto credit: Decor Aid

The new kitchen with its grey colour scheme works perfectly with how much light the area gets and reflects it all around. Adding that kitchen island not only creates extra storage space, it also invites the family in, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. I currently have a grey kitchen too, so I really like this transformation.

AFTER – New and fresh as a daisy



I don’t have the pleasure of having a hallway because you walk straight into my lounge room when you enter the front door, but I love what the owners have done here. Found on Real Simple, this paint revamp is the perfect example of how a very daring colour can go a long way.

BEFORE – The bland colours seep the energy out

Before Hallways MakeoverPhoto credit: Real Simple

The earthy red brings warmth to the hallway, and somehow makes it look much larger than it really is. I love the little white bench too where you can sit down to take your shoes off. Great job.

AFTER – The┬ávibrant new red colour creates a warm, welcoming space

After Hallway MakeoverPhoto credit: Real Simple


Featured on The Spruce, what a difference this restoration makes to this living room. A simple fresh coat of paint has done the job. And those sanded back beams, I’m in love here. Fireplaces can sometimes make a room tired looking, but with this refurbishment and the light colour scheme, it just draws you in.

BEFORE – 70s retro bricks on the fireplace divide the space

fireplace makeoverPhoto credit: The Spruce

The beams really bring this living room alive. Good timber shouldn’t be hidden. It should be embraced for all its natural glory. I wish I had a fireplace in my home to do something like this, not that there’s much need for one in sunny Queensland. The subtle blue nick-nacks used, also bring some vibrant colour to the room. Simply lovely!

AFTER – Adding light and bright colours refresh the space and bring it together

fireplace makeover afterPhoto credit: The Spruce


Have you got a spare room at home that isn’t very functional and clutter has built up? Then consider doing something like this with it. HGTV runs a show called ‘Love It Or List It’, and this was shown on one of the episodes. What a great transformation of this tired, old spare room into a functioning office space.

BEFORE – Cluttered and messy spare room


As a writer, I work from home a lot of the times, and I would kill to have a space like this to transform into an office for myself. It’s vibrant and funky, yet completely functioning as a home office. I would certainly enjoy writing in this room.

AFTER – Chic and stylish new office space



Wow. Don’t you just love what the owners have done here. It’s a grand apartment that needed work, but look at how regal and royal their end result was. Featured on the Architectural Digest website, this transformation is pushing me to be braver in the future and go green.

BEFORE – An empty canvas to inspire

before-after-living-rooms-05Photo credit: Architectural Digest

This transformation is incredible. They started with a blank canvas, and created something so decadent that you almost feel like you could either be in another century, or in a modern Manhattan apartment. Give me a novel and a weekend on that lounge please.

AFTER – The grand living room to indulge in

before-after-living-rooms-06Photo credit: Architectural Digest


There’s nothing better when renovating than a blank canvas to work with. The sky’s the limit and this contemporary renovation certainly paid off. House and Garden seemed to think so too, since they featured it as well.

BEFORE – Empty apartment ready to go

South-Bank-Tower_Example-of-before-apartment-house-20sep16-pr_bPhoto credit: House and Garden

Look at the clean cut lines achieved with this renovation. It’s simple, yet beautiful. It’s inviting and also very comfortable. That lounge is to die for and I love how they dressed the room up to suit both genders. There’s enough masculinity here, but it also has a feminine touch with the vase and other nick-nacks.

AFTER – Keeping it a simple, contemporary style works with the natural light

AFTER RENOVATION PHOTOPhoto credit: House and Garden


What a beautiful transformation. This lady certainly knows how to renovate. Her Perfectly Imperfect blog says it all. A complete attic transformation has been achieved, and a wasted space has provided her and her family with an incredible playroom for the kiddies.

BEFORE – A wasted space above the home


I just love this attic room. The pastel colours make the space come to life, providing her children with a happy place to play all day long in. I wish I could have given my children such a wonderful space when they were little.

AFTER – A beautiful playroom for kids to enjoy and give parents some peace

PERFECTLY IMPERFECT PLAYROOM AFTER 2Photo credit: Perfectly Imperfect


What a difference it makes to this tired looking bedroom, when it’s transferred into a nursery. The large window brings so much light into the room, and now with the new colour scheme, it is no longer wasted. Check out Decorilla and how a Moodboard can help you achieve the right balance with pastels.

BEFORE – Dull, boring bedroom with dark colours

contemporary-nursery-design-beforePhoto credit: Decorilla

See how a simple, yet elegant colour scheme can transform a room into a settling and soothing nursery for baby? I’m not much of a pink person myself, but the grey/pink shades work so well here.

AFTER – The pastels rebirth this room into a gorgeous nursery

contemporary-nursery-interior-design-with-gray-and-pink-accentsPhoto credit: Decorilla


This would have to be my favourite in my list today, because its exactly the style of kitchen that I want to do in my home one day. Look how dreary the old kitchen looked before the restoration! You can see the full renovation and how they did it at Apartment Therapy.

BEFORE – Old and tired kitchen that’s unappealing

KITCHEN BEFORE MAKEOVERPhoto credit: Apartment Therapy

A kitchen that was dark and uninviting, is now a comfortable cooking and living space the whole family can enjoy in this gorgeous new apartment kitchen. I want exactly these cabinets and this country-style kitchen! Drooling here.

AFTER – Immaculate┬ácountry kitchen that invites the chef

KITCHEN AFTER MAKEOVER.jpgPhoto credit: Apartment Therapy


Wow the saying ‘go-green’ works so well here. Featured on Marie Claire, this redecorating project was well worth it. It also looks like it can be easily obtainable on a low-key budget too.

BEFORE – Mismatched furniture that does nothing for the space

LOUNGEROOM BEFOREPhoto credit: Marie Claire

Look at how the green colour pulls everything together. What was a boring, unappealing living room and dining room, is now a vibrant, happy space for the whole family to share special times together in.

AFTER – Warm, green colour pulls the whole area together

LOUNGEROOM AFTERPhoto credit: Marie Claire

If you’ve renovated your home, I would love to see what you’ve done to create your special space, so get in touch below and share your journey with me.

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