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Have you ever been on a detox? They’re not fun I know, but they seem to be good for a full body cleanse, as long as you find a safe one to do. I recently finished Caruso’s Natural Health 15 Day Internal Cleansing Detox Program. Read more to find out how it went.

The Dreaded Detox and the Human Body’s Reaction

This may be a little bold to begin this blog with, but I have to start with the fact that I’ve never let off so much wind in my life. They say a good fart means that your body is quite healthy. If that is true, then I must be the healthiest person around. Besides the gas build up, I experienced a lot of bloating, fatigue, random head aches and basically exhaustion for the first week. And I missed my morning coffee so much!

caruso's quick cleanse detox.jpgWhat you get in the Caruso Detox Kit

Cutting out sugar is one thing, but cutting out caffeine and those beloved wines you like to have with dinner was a killer. Overall though, I’m feeling pretty darn good after 15 days on mostly vegan foods. So what foods are actually permitted on this detox you ask? Besides plant based foods and no animal products, you can’t have meat, besides the occasional fish serving for dinner every two to three days. I think that part was the most difficult for me. I’m an O+ Blood type and I’ve been told that my blood type finds it difficult to hold onto iron and is very susceptible to anaemia. Don’t I know the truth in that one. Oh the fatigue!

VEGAN SANDWICHESVegan sandwich with gluten free bread, vegan cheese and veggies

I struggled so badly without a nice juicy piece of steak, but I persisted and got through it. I used to do Caruso’s detoxes once a year, but for the past five years I’ve been pretty busy and pretty slack about caring for my health in a way that I should. I figured it was time to step up and give it another go.


It is very important to prepare in advance when you decided to do a drastic detox like this one. Have prepared meals on hand, because you’re less likely to reach for the bad foods that are not permitted. It’s not that difficult. When my boyfriend and I decided to do Caruso’s detox, we got together on a Sunday night and bulk cooked four different meals that we then froze and grabbed on lazy nights or even lazy days to take to work.

PREPARED VEGAN MEALS ON THE DETOXPreparing meals ahead will help so much to stay focussed on your detox

The trick is to stay motivated, so it’s always easier if someone is doing the detox with you to help you stay on track. Cheating alone is easy, but cheating together is another story. You don’t want to let each other down, so you’re most likely able to stay on it if you have someone doing it with you.

Vegan dishes don’t have to be bland, you just have to know how to prepare them so that they are not only nutritious enough to keep you going, but taste good as well. For me the trick was to spice it up since I love spicy food, so I made my Chilli Conserve that I added to practically everything just to cheer myself up.


The meals are actually quite good, apart from the fact that if you are naturally a big meat eater (which I am), you will crave a lot of meat. I don’t know how Vegans do it. I’m mostly Pescatarian now, which is basically a Vegetarian who also eats seafood, but the Vegan thing really threw me on this detox. I struggled and looked for ways on how I could find satisfaction with only plant based meals, so I hit the stores and went through the Vegan and Vegetarian sections of our local supermarkets to try and find anything that would work.

VEGAN GROCERY SHOPBasket of Vegan goodies from Woolworths

We have more interesting food available for the fellow Vegan than we think. I mean, look at all the produce that I found in Coles and Woolworths alone. Vegan products don’t necessarily mean that they are always good for you though. I really had to shop and check the ingredients to make sure I wasn’t breaking the detox. One thing I did find was a Vegan roast that you cook the same way you would a normal roast. Yes, I was turned off a little too, but this meal really surprised me.

VEGAN VEGETABLE ROASTIngredients for our Vegan roast

I have to admit that I was quite sceptical how it would cook up and most importantly, how it would taste. My boyfriend even found Vegan gravy mix for us, which tasted just like real gravy and still has me baffled with how they have achieved the taste. All in all, I have to admit that this Vegan meal was actually a smashing hit. The only problem was that we ate way too much of it because we felt so hungry that night, but as long as you have the willpower to portion control and remind yourself that you can’t eat twice as much just because you’re eating plant based food, you’ll love it. And yes, I did demolish the entire plate of food.

COOKED VEGAN VEGETABLE ROASTThe end result: A yummy Vegan alternative to roast with some stir fry vegetables


Temptation, temptation, temptation, and it’s everywhere. From your own fridge holding food that you have to cook for your children because they won’t do a detox with you, to catching up with friends, family gatherings, even the local grocery store had it right in front of me. I mean, look at this picture of these delicious sausages to try while you shop! I didn’t succumb, but I did take a photo to send to Matt to show him what I was dealing with while grocery shopping for our detox.

SAUSAGES TEASING ME OIN MY DETOXGood old Woolies and their free samples

Food was everywhere and until you are on an actual detox, you don’t appreciate food enough. We are so lucky to live in Australia, because most of our produce is harvested locally and it’s fresh. It’s why I don’t understand why we all reach for the processed and packaged foods over the good stuff that we have available. I’ve turned over a new leaf and am buying fresh produce over processed junk from now on.


Staying on the detox is not as hard as you think when you have a family gathering or a get together. You can still order out, you just have to choose wisely off the menu. I have European family over right now, and I was put in the predicament of wanting to eat with them at Eagle Heights Hotel up at Mount Tamborine recently, but didn’t want to to break my detox. I managed to find this pumpkin salad on the menu that allowed me to stay on the detox, but still let me enjoy lunch with family. I did have to pick the feta cheese out though, as it was an animal product and I forgot that at the time of ordering, but it was still a great meal to have while out.

LUNCH AT EAGLE HEIGHTS HOTELPumpkin and Rocket Salad from Eagle Heights Hotel


The fish that you are allowed to have. You look forward to fish nights and appreciate meat more than you ever have before. Over the two weeks we consumed fresh Trout, Salmon, Barramundi and even treated ourselves one night with fresh fish scallops. I have to say that you do it a little tough on this detox, but the fish meals make it worth your while, because fish never tasted so good. Oh, and yes, you feel great once you complete the detox.

FISH NIGHT ON DETOX.jpgTossed Salad with Barramundi and some Vegan grated cheese

If you’ve done a detox before, let me know what detox you tried, how you felt and what was the hardest part?

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